PPR Pipe Plant Manufcaturer

The vogue of the PVC, HDPE, PPR, and RPVC pipes & fittings is at the peak at world level, 400+ billion of market is unspoken evidence that is envisioned to increase day by day, is an apparent truth that has increased the competition among the pipe manufacturing firms abreast demand and to sustain and be ahead, first rate quality of the plastic pipes & fittings is paramount and to promote such extruder industries, we are here with a qualified and newfangled range of the plastic pipe extrusion plant/ PPR pipe plant that is made to maximize the production of the pipes and to minimize the production cost of the same.

The provided plastic pipe extrusion plant is well qualified to convert plastic materials in the form of powder, granule, pellet, sheet and fluid into the well defined shapes or parts as per the end user requirements. Whether you are in the business of manufacturing PVC pipes, HDPE pipes, PPR pipes or RPVC pipes, our plastic pipe extruder plant is undoubtedly going to be your best companion to obtain an innovative range of pipes & fittings and gain a competitive edge in a global market.

By combining the substantial experience in the extruder manufacturing and cutting edge in house facilities, we have provided innovative engineering solutions to hundreds of industries associated with the pipe manufacturing, among our PPR pipe plant & PVC pipe plant have gained the farthest appreciation for highest production at low rejects. We take immense pride for the position we have carved at the world level through our widespread range of the PPR pipe plant & PVC pipe plant and for what we are equally grateful to the customers for put trust in us.

The single screw pipe extruder machine and twin screw pipe extruder machine are the overriding invention that has persuaded domestic industries as well as international industries indulged in pipe manufacturing in order to obtain the topmost quality pipes at low rejects, thanks to the qualified team of engineers who have worked diligently by paying the highest attention to the significant parameters (extruder, die and Pooler) that are responsible for the high quality pipes.

Comprehensive Range of The Plastic Pipe Extrusion Plant


Custom Made PPR Pipe Plant / PVC Pipe Plant

“You define your requirements & we will deliver with excellence”

Our custom made PPR pipe plant service is like giving customers a choice about whether or not to have extra ketchup onto their burgers. Yes, the service is absolutely customer focused, wherein we work cooperatively leveraging the skills obtained from hundreds of manufacturing with a motive to deliver a pipe extruder plant that meets all defined parameters by you and add value, productivity and ultimately profit. No matter what is your product (pipe, tube, profile) and what is the raw material (PVC, PPR, HDPE, RPVC), we passionately work for every single venture and deliver exactly to your requirements. Our customized service for pipe extruder plant is available at the best prices and guaranteed to be the best bet for gaining higher returns on investments.

Our Specialty in Pipe Extrusion Plant

Single Screw Extruder Machine for PVC
Twin Screw Extruder Machine for PVC

To us customization of plastic pipe extrusion plant/ppr pipe plant is about

  • Producing a customized product on request
  • For a specific requirement, as per customer statement
  • Complying with international quality standards
  • Manufacturing with the same efficiency and accuracy

Glance on Pipe Extrusion Plant

Application Area of Our Pipe Extrusion Plant

The versatility of our pipe extrusion plant is the weighty factor that has won the hearts of the thousands of consumers. The combination of the cutting edge technology and ingenious configuration is what defines our pipe extrusion plant that finds its application in manufacturing of hoses, profiles, pipes, foils, sheets, frames, panels, tubes, and membranes.

Material Compatibility of Our Pipe Extrusion Plant

PVC, PPR, RPVC, HDPE, TPE, PP, PE, EPS, PO, PC, PET, ABS, EVOH, PEX, PA in the form of pebbles, granules, liquid or power is ideal type and form to be used with our pipe extrusion plant. Further, users can also use any other polymer with this pipe extrusion plant that is fine with the extrusion molding technology.

Plastic Pipe Extruder Downstream equipment Range

The versatility of our pipe extrusion plant is the weighty factor that has won the hearts of the thousands of consumers. The combination of the cutting edge technology and ingenious configuration is what defines our pipe extrusion plant that finds its application in manufacturing of hoses, profiles, pipes, foils, sheets, frames, panels, tubes, and membranes.

  • Pipe Traction Unit Manufacturer
  • Jockey Extruder Lining Machine
  • Vacuum Calibration Machine
  • Pipe Cutting Machine
  • Pipe Cutting Machine Manufacturer
  • Plastic Pipe Printing Machine
  • Pipe Printing Machine
  • Heater Cooler Mixer

Avail Our Exclusive Services by Availing Our PPR Pipe Plant

Service When You Need It

The high downtime is no one desire for, then why you, and therefore we provide 24/7 unmatched product, service & support associated with the plastic pipe extrusion plant and the downstream machineries.

Training for Your People

Our focus is customer satisfaction, and therefore we focus to design customer friendly machinery that they can adapt easily and operate easily. Additionally, to get the job done promptly and effortlessly, we provide free of cost training, be it complete plastic pipe extrusion plant or downstream machinery.

Installation / Commissioning

The product delivery is not an end of our service; our team of pipe extrusion plant continued to strive by ensuring prompt installation of the plant at the time that is convenient to you and also test followed by in order to ensure its seamless performance all through.

How to Select the PPR Pipe Plant/ PPR Pipe Extrusion Plant?

The selection of the plastic pipe extrusion plant decides productivity of the organization and hence rather than investing blindly, it is essential to ensure that the machine meets standards and to understand important process parameters ahead to ensure you invest in the right machine. And in the case of the plastic pipe extrusion plant, the imperative aspects that one need to consider incorporates:

  • Speed of the Screw
  • Types of Die Used
  • Melting Temperature of Plastic (PVC, PPR, HDPE, RPVC)
  • Required Extrusion Pressure
  • Required Cooling Medium

The chaos of yours is understandable, and therefore we as a plastic pipe extrusion manufacturer also provide free consulting service through which we help end users in selecting the suitable pipe extrude that can deliver a higher return on investment.

Get a free help in selecting the righteous plastic extruder for your needs.

Single Screw Plastic Pipe Extruder Vs. Twin Screw Plastic Pipe Extruder

Single Screw Extruder

  • Delivers outstanding results at extruding different types of material
  • Cheaper than other extruders
  • Comparatively have low shear
  • Compatible with wide range of material
  • Guarantee for the high output
  • Heating equipment is required

Twin Screw Extruder

  • Stable material flow and ensure productivity
  • Double screw extruder has self cleaning potential, ensures stable transportation of materials
  • Cleaning is not required while changing the material of construction
  • Compatible with wide range of material
  • Renowned for highest productivity in a shorter time
  • Heat produces from mechanical transformation

Convincing Benefits of Our Pipe Extrusion Plant/ PPR Pipe Plant

Better quality of work

Our pipe extrusion plant is built to highest quality standards and promise to deliver the best quality outputs that shares uniformity, accuracy and conformity to the set international standards.

Saves time

The PLC control system, seamless functionality, reduced rejects and reduced downtime are the beneficial traits of our plastic pipe extruder that saves notable time of the end user, increases efficiency and help producing pipes in a faster way

Saves labor

The introduction of the PLC control system with user friendly interface in the plastic pipe extrusion plant/ PPR pipe plant helps to save the labor along with the labor cost that ultimately reduces the total sum of gross and increases the productivity.

Greater Accuracy

The ingenious geometry of the screws and the pinpoint accuracy towards measurements help end user to obtain accurate outputs that are truly flawless that also conform highest quality standards.

Increase efficiency

The employment of the state of the art technology promotes speedy and impeccable performances of our plastic pipe extrusion plant/ PPR pipe plant that ultimately increase the efficiency of the end users.

Simple in operation

In order to make pipe production an easy task, we have put considerable efforts in outlining simple design of the plastic pipe extruder that proffers easy handling, maximize function, minimize mistakes, errors and reduce close downs.


The pipe extrusion plant/PPR pipe plant is designed to be compatible with the any type of material, be it PVC, TPE, PP, TPU, PET, TPR, PE, HDPE, PEX, EPS, PO, PC, PA, our pipe extruder is guaranteed to flourish all across and deliver highest quality results for any of.


To convey durability in the offered pipe extrusion plant/ PPR pipe plant, we only have used the top grade quality raw material that gives higher strength to withstand against different parameters and nullify the requirement of frequent maintenance.


Other than quality, price is the concern which decides the marketability, the highest quality at competitive price is what every industry quest for, and that our machine can plastic pipe extrusion plant can fulfill at the best, thanks to the entire team for making it possible.

All about Plastic Pipe Extrusion Machine

What Is Extrusion?

Extrusion is the conventional process of melting the raw plastic with the application of heat, which in the molten state extruded through the die into a desired shape, wherein the extruded plastic takes shape just as the cross section of the die. The extrusion process was invented in 1797 for making pipe from the soft metal, which thereafter adopted for the manufacturing of plastic pipe and other alike plastic products, including, tube, profile, strip, pipe fittings, sheet and much more.


How The Pipe Extrusion Plant Works?

The process commences with the input of plastic raw material in the form of granules, powder, pellet or any other into the barrel by means of the gravity fed hopper. In addition to the plastic raw material, other required additives are added homogenously with the plastic to enhance the quality of the end product. The plastic raw material enters into the barrels through the feeder throat, where it comes in contact to the rotating screw. The continuous rotation of the screw pushes material forward to the batter, where melting of the plastic occurs because of the high temperature of the barrel. The high quality heating element is used to heat the barrels in order to accomplish desired temperature in a shorter period of time.

The feed zone, melting zone and metering zone are the zones of the rotating screw where different processes take place. In the feed zone, plastic material is pushed towards the barrel where it starts to melt, which melts completely in the melting zone, equipped with the thermostat in order to regulate the inside temperature of the barrel. Further, to minimize the overheating of plastic, cooling fan or water cooling is equipped inline to prevent the deprivation in the plastic properties.

The screen pack is used in the series to remove any impurities in the molten plastic and ensure the purity of the plastic ahead of molding. The equipped screens are strengthened by a breaker plate, a plate that is used to develop pressure in the barrel and empower uniform melting and homogenous mixing of the molten plastic material. The molten plastic thereafter enters into the die, gives the desired shape to the plastic, which is carried off by the puller equipped in the row after the die and is forwarded for the cutting through the plastic pipe cutter.

Plastic Pipe extrusion Plant – A complete Assembly

We manufacturer of the plastic pipe extruder plant designs the entire plant followed by understating the end user requirements in order to comply with their application, space and budget needs. Our complete plastic pipe extrusion plant incorporates every single equipment that is essential to accomplish the end product that is ready to ship, where in one will get extruder (Motor, Feeder, heaters, Barrel, Extruder, Shaping Die, Cooling, Puller) and other downstream assemblies like, pipe cutting unit, pipe printing machine, pipe traction unit, pipe tilting unit as per the end user requirements.

High Quality Plastic Pipe Extrusion Plant – Promise to Deliver at Lowest Price

The price tag and quality both are the imperative attributes to which customer pay highest attention while making investment and therefore has become the decisive factors of your product marketability. Followed by the extensive research and leveraging the profound know how, we have brought off the range of the plastic pipe extrusion plant/ PPR pipe plant that is an elite incorporation of the quality and price. The customer will experience the highest quality performance of the offered plastic pipe extruder at the prices at which no one can deliver thereof. Further, the price of our plastic pipe extrusion plant would remain the same all across, however the total sum may differ as per the location of the delivery.

Note: The choice of downstream equipment is solely depends upon the end user; there is no any compulsion in the selection. However, upon the requirement, we also provide suggestion that best fits with your requirements.