PPR Pipe Extruder

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PPR Pipe Extrusion Machine

The main focal point of the PPR material and extrusion technology has brought about a very strong demand of the PPR pipes developed by adopting the extrusion technology. Over the years the intensification of efficient and high quality PPR pipe extruder can be seen in the extruder industries and to match with their requirements we are here with a noteworthy experience and expertise in the PPR pipe extruder machine.

Our proficiency in the extrusion technology and our passion for bringing innovation to fortify the potential of the finished results are the main impetus for the splendid success in the PPR pipe extruder that runs incredibly over long operations under any circumstance, thanks to the quality controlled procedures and strict carefulness of the quality team throughout the operation collaborating with the quality check tests thereafter. The well balanced structure and simple design are two basic concentrations to which highest attention has paid off in order to obtain the impeccable range of the PPR pipe extruder that can promise for high outputs in a timely manner.

The utilization of the proven quality materials and propelled innovation in the designing and developing of the PPR pipe extruder machine makes it the immaculate and cutting edge source of the highest quality PPR pipes. Every part used in the PPR pipe extruder machine is quality tried ahead of combining, be it HP motor, heater, mixer, barrel, feeder, extrusion or cooler, which all can be regulated by the PLC control system teamed with the machine, thereby what you will get is just the world class quality experience after using it. The high quality & flawless pipes with the uniform cross section and joint free structure is the end result of our PPR pipe extruder machine is what consumers experience, needlessly exhibits the predominance of our machines.

PPR Pipe Extruder / PPR Pipe Extruder Machine details:

Our PPR pipe extruder is all set to flourish your business with the highest outputs, has made available in the extensive range of the specifications so as one can select the exactly what they want without any extra spending. The range available with us includes 4 kg/hr to 300 kg/hr (single screw extruder) and 90 kg/hr to 450 kg/hr (twin screw extruder), both types of the PPR pipe extruder conforms to the required quality standards and assured of high quality and performance all the way.

Custom Made PPR Pipe Extruder / PPR Pipe Extruder Machine:

Being a customer centric organization, we have included the custom made service for the end user to give the top class experience of our product and service. On the customer request, we are available to provide custom made PPR pipe extruder machine as per the stated requirements and specifications. Leveraging the elongated experience in the manufacturing, our team is well versed to adopt your requirements and convert thereof into the machine.

Convincing Benefits of PPR Pipe Extruder Machine/ PPR Pipe Extruder:    

  • Use of cutting edge technology delivers farthest quality PPR pipes
  • The high quality head dies and perfect pressure, ensures uniform surface
  • Easy to operate and requires nearly no maintenance
  • The PLC system enables automatic control of the entire operation
  • Delivers high output at the lowest power consumption

Our plastic PPR pipe extruder machine/ PPR pipe extruder is engineered to deliver high output per hour. Grow your business with us by availing our range today at the best prices.