HDPE Pipe Extrusion Machine

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In addition to the outlast property of the HDPE pipe extrusion machine material, the colossal physical and chemical properties of the HDPE material has imposed thousands of industries to approach for the pipe and pipe applications worldwide. Excellent corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, extended service life, adaptability and Eco friendly attributes are the most prominent that makes it the supreme solution when it comes to pipe. Further, the introduction of the extrusion technology has resolved the leakage potential of the pipes has made it the Chartbuster of today’s industries.

However, the common issue of the extrusion machinery faced since long time is the efficiency, but when it comes to our HDPE pipe extrusion machine, you are promised to experience excellent speed throughout the lifespan. The collaboration of the latest technology and the greater accuracy towards the dimensions is what has enabled us to bring off a range of the HDPE pipe extrusion machine that works efficiently under any circumstance. The extruder is designed to mix well the HDPE pipe plant material, whereas the high power motor is used to rotate the screw in extremely balanced manner and promote the mixing of the HDPE material. This extruder is covered with the high quality barrel, wherein the material is fed through the feeder equipped top of the barrel.

The continual rotation of the extruder pushes the material forward, whereas the heated barrel transforms HDPE pipe machine into liquid form. The liquid form of the HDPE material passed through the filter plate ahead of head die to filter the impurities, if any. The head die is the expeller of the perfection that converts the HDPE liquid into the desired size of the pipe. The temperature of the barrel and the speed of the extruder are completely adjustable by means of the PLC control system equipped with the machine. The simple user interface of this PLC control system entitles faster and smooth controlling of the different parts of this HDPE pipe extrusion machine.

HDPE Pipe Extrusion Machine / HDPE Pipe Making Machine Details:

The offered HDPE pipe extrusion machine incorporate barrel, feeder, HP motor, extruder (single screw extruder / twin screw extruder), heater, cooler and head die. The HDPE pipe extrusion machine with the single screw extruder options ranging from 4 kg/hr to 300 kg/hr, on the other side HDPE pipe making machine with the twin screw extruder assortment ranging from 90 kg/hr to 450 kg/hr. The entire collection of our HDPE pipe extrusion machine conforms to the international quality standards and rest you assured of quality and reliability.

Custom Made HDPE Pipe Extrusion Machine / HDPE Pipe Making Machine:

Keeping the customer happy and content is significant for us and therefore we have come up with the custom made service for our consumers worldwide. The service is intended to deliver the HDPE pipe extrusion machine as per customer requirement in terms of the specification and budget. Our experienced team understands your requirements and outline in the machine which converted into the machine, followed by approval from end users. Further, rigorous tests are outperformed on the finished product in order to ensure its conformity with the set quality standards other than customer stated details.

Convincing Benefits of HDPE Pipe Extrusion Machine / HDPE Pipe Making Machine:

  • Outstanding performance all through
  • Ensures perfect mixing, heating and cooling
  • Delivers uniform quality HDPE pipes
  • Joints free HDPE pipes with lifelong performance assurance
  • Low power consumption and low reject
  • Cost effective approach for higher output

Our HDPE Pipe Extrusion Machine / HDPE Pipe Making Machine is engineered to deliver high output per hour. Grow your business with us by availing our range today at the best prices.