PPR Pipe Plant

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PPR pipe has chased the considerable renown in the market, especially PPR pipe made utilizing extrusion technology for delivering the farthest strength and joint free end product that can last for eternity, without any possibility of destruction. Since PPR extrusion based PPR pipe plant witnessing the towering demand of the same in the pipe manufacturing industries to lead all the way from the rivals.

We are in the business of manufacturing PPR pipe plant for many years, and hence boast the profound know how of extrusion technology and all the aspects that make it the outperforming in the pipe making ventures. The offered PPR pipe plant is specifically designed owing the nature of the PPR material in order to deliver the plant that can produce the utmost quality PPR pipes that one is desire for. The scrutinization of the PPR pipe plant followed by the quality controlled manufacturing is what our regime for procuring the superior quality PPR pipe plant in which one can invest confidently.

The offered PPR pipe plant gives users the advantage of the automatic operations through the PLC control system, whereas the well dimensioned parts of the plant empowers the uninterrupted performance all through. The barrel is manufactured using the quality tested material to convey the greater withstand capability against temperature, whereas the highest precision towards the head die promotes to accomplish the absolute range of the PPR pipe plant manufacturer with the uniformity in the cross section that apparently ensures high strength against high pressure and temperatures. The easy to handle user interface of the PLC control system and simple designing of the entire PPR pipe plant gives you the ease of handling. Other than PPR pipe extruder, puller, cutter, PPR pipe printing, tilting unit are the substantial downstream equipment appended with to conduct entire pipe making operation under one roof.

PPR Pipe Plant Details:

We as a manufacturer of the PPR pipe plant have proposed the plant in the different specifications in order to give you the feasibility in the selection and budget. On the technology perspective, our PPR pipe plant is available either with the single screw extruder or twin screw extruder, whereas capacity perspective, we have strived to proffer you the extensive options that are ranging from 5 kg/hr to the 500 kg/hr. Further, the variety of the specification can be seen in the downstream equipment too, and can include the one that finely complies with your needs.

Custom Made PPR Pipe Plant:

We scale our success based on the customer satisfaction and our custom made service exhibits our attempts for the customer satisfaction. Whether specification is your issue or the budget, our custom made service can address everything, our qualified team of the PPR pipe plant is able to design and develop the PPR pipe plant manufacturer that is solely represented your requirements. Other than stated details by your end, we concentrate on the statutory standards of the quality to deliver you the top class quality of the PPR pipe plant.

Note: The inclusion of downstream equipment is completely choice of the end user, use can include or exclude as per the requirement.

Convincing Benefits of PPR Pipe Plant:

  • Delivers a high number of pipes per hour
  • Guarantees uninterrupted performance
  • Delivers high quality PPR pipes having greater strength & appeal
  • Completely automatic user interface
  • Low maintenance and low cost of producing

Application Of The PPR Pipes Made Using Our PPR Pipe Plant:

  • Heating pipe for residential buildings
  • Heating pipe for commercial buildings and hospitals
  • Chemical transportation in the industries
  • Aggressive chemicals/ fluids transportation in the industries
  • Cooled water networks in the air conditioning systems
  • In agricultural and horticultural application
  • Pipe network of the swimming pool
  • Rainwater storage network
  • Compressed air installation network [HVAC]

Our plastic PPR pipe plant is engineered to deliver high output per hour. Grow your business with us by availing our range today at the best prices