We are highly appraised manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the pipe traction units worldwide, thanks to the well versed team of the designers and engineers who dedicatedly worked to obtain the innovation and excellence in every single unit of the pipe traction. The use of the quality tested raw material and proven manufacturing practices are what have made our pipe traction unit the favored in the market to accomplish traction of the different measurements. The versatile construction of this pipe traction unit entitles easy adjustment of the tracks by means of the pneumatic control, whereas the line speed of the same can be controlled by the AC drive equipped at the bottom of the machine.

The smooth and impeccable operationality of this pipe traction unit gives end user to trace any measurement with the highest level of accuracy, available in the double belt as well as multi belts with a haul off 2/3/4/6 as per the end user requirement of pulling force. This pipe traction unit can be fitted with any type of the pipe extruder and facilitates to carry out traction in a more organized way, the huge applaud in the pipe manufacturing industries is unspoken evidence of our pipe traction unit superiority, which one can availed by contacting us today.

Convincing Benefits of Pipe Traction Unit:

  • Rugged construction ensures longer lifespan
  • Available in different number of belts to abate ovality even for larger diameter and thin wall pipe
  • Different tracks are driven by spate geared motor and AC drives
  • Can be fitted with any pipe extruder with an ease
  • Pneumatic control helps adjust pipe track
  • Suitable for thick as well as thin pipe diameter
  • Simple design helps easy operating

Our Pipe Traction Unit is engineered to highest quality. Grow your business with us by availing our range today at the best prices.