PPR Pipe Extrusion Plant

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PPR pipe has gained the new level of popularity in the market for the non toxic, recyclable, non toxic in addition to the cost effectiveness and the same is the grounds behind triumphant of the PPR pipe extrusion line material in the pipe application. Further, the invention of the extrusion technology has made it more resilient in the market for proffering unmatched deliverables at the low cost.

We are the pioneer of the PPR pipe extrusion plant that has gained immense esteem in the world level for its cutting edge technology and ability to deliver high throughput and have perceived top notch position as a PPR pipe extrusion plant manufacturer, supplier and exporter. The quality controlled manufacturing processes and precision engineering during the incorporation of the motor, barrel, feeder, extrusion, die, cooler and puller is what has enabled us to carry off the premier quality PPR pipe extrusion line that promises to perform unfailingly at the low cost.

The modern PLC system equipped with the PPR pipe extrusion plant enables user to regulate different parts of the machine automatically and promptly, whereas the meter equipped with the barrel helps monitor and regulate the temperature of the banner and compliment the PPR requirements. Further, carefully manufactured head dies ensures uniform cross section that enhances the quality of the end product at the certain edge. As this PPR pipe extrusion line converts the molten plastic into the pipe, there is no any joints visible in the final product that adds up the quality of the end product and help you impose more customers.

PPR Pipe Extrusion Plant / PPR Pipe Extrusion Line Details:

The provided PPR pipe extrusion plant gives you all you need at the lowest cost that makes it celebrated product in the local as well as global market. The ready to ship stock of the provided PPR pipe extrusion line is ranging from 90 kg/hr capacity to the 550 kg/hr capacity, can be availed with the single screw extruder or twin screw extruder as per the requirements. Further, the appended downstream equipment with the PPR pipe extrusion plant incorporates, Pipe Cutting Machine, Pipe Traction Unit, Vacuum Calibration Machine, Plastic Pipe Printing Machine, Pipe Printing Machine and Heater Cooler Mixer.

Custom Made Range of The PPR Pipe Extrusion Plant / PPR Pipe Extrusion Line:

With the lengthy experience in the field of the extruder manufacturing and deep know how of the latest technology promotes to design and develop a custom made rang of the PPR pipe extrusion machine that is in the outlined constraints of the end user other than requirements. The customization takes place under the strict observation of the quality team to bring off a range of the PPR pipe extruder line that strongly complies with statutory standards of quality, available at the best price in India and overseas, get the further details by contacting us today.

Note: The inclusion of downstream equipment is completely choice of the end user, use can include or exclude as per the requirement.

Convincing Benefits of PPR Pipe Extrusion Plant/ PPR Pipe Extrusion Line:

  • Low cost alternative to produce high quality PPR pipes
  • Delivers high outputs per hour
  • Promise for uniform surface pipe
  • Low power consumption reduces manufacturing cost
  • Joints free end product that ensure leak free performance

Application Of The PPR Pipes Made Using Our PPR Pipe Extrusion Plant/ PPR Pipe Extrusion Line:

  • Heating pipe for residential buildings
  • Heating pipe for commercial buildings and hospitals
  • Chemical transportation in the industries
  • Aggressive chemicals/ fluids transportation in the industries
  • Cooled water networks in the air conditioning systems
  • In agricultural and horticultural application
  • Pipe network of the swimming pool
  • Rainwater storage network
  • Compressed air installation network [HVAC]

Our plastic PPR pipe extrusion plant/ PPR pipe extrusion line machine are engineered to deliver high output per hour. Grow your business with us by availing our range today at the best prices.