We are esteemed entity in the pipe manufacturing industries for proffering unmatched quality solutions pertaining to their pipe manufacturing requisites. Likewise, in order to fulfill the need of the pipe cooling, we introduce an exclusive range of the water spray bath that is also famous as the water spray bath cooling bath in the several industries. The concentrate manufacturing of the water spray cooling bath in the synchronization of the outlined quality regulation and close watch on the manufacturing practices all through has enabled us to pull off highest quality range of the water spray bath that promise for the outstanding performance throughout the lifespan.

The design of this water sprays bath is outlined to be adjusted in the vertical as well as horizontal direction, whereas the use of the stainless steel material imparts excellent corrosion resistance during the life. The entire structure encompasses water pumps, AC drive motor, for the better outputs at low power consumption. The unfailing performance of the all the equipment incorporated in the machine is checked and tested ahead of the delivery and hence ensures flawless performance during the cooling operation of the respective plastic pipe. The machine is capable of pulling up to 5000 kg weight that is promoted by the double speed motor driven jack to slide the respective pipe on rails.

Convincing Benefits of Water Spray Bath:

  • The sturdy construction ensures vibration free operation
  • The support bench is covered in water collection trough made of SS
  • The movement adjustment device is equipped on 3 shafts ensures easy alignment
  • The manual and automatic both types of control both is available
  • The high capacity vacuum units are incorporated for the faster pipe cooling
  • The double speed motor is connected with the driven jack
  • This water spray bath is capable for a pulling force up to 5000 kg

Our Water Spray Bath is engineered to highest quality. Grow your business with us by availing our range today at the best prices.