Heater Cooler Mixer / High Speed Heater Cooler Mixer

We are eminent entities in India for providing outstanding solutions pertaining to pipe manufacturing and the offered heater cooler mixer is needless evidence of our efforts. The offered heater cooler mixer is the best exemplar of the precisely mixes the plastic material (PVC, RPVC, HDPE, PPR) and delivers absolutely smooth mixer of the plastic to carry off second to none quality of plastic pipes at the notable lower costs. The offered heater cooler mixer is engineered to obtain a high quality of the plastic mixer at the high speed and hence it also has gotten recognition as a high speed heater cooler mixer in the industries, which is basically encompasses two principal sections:                                                                                    


Heater Mixer

The heater mixer is one of the principal parts of the high speed heater cooler mixer, wherein the shell is made of the top grade 304 – stainless steel material in order to proffer extreme ruggedness to the finished product.  The machine is jacked with the SS insulation with a motive to proffer additional heating or cooling in pressure less operation. The container of the heater mixer is jacketed with the water circulation, and the wall and bottom can be cooled separately by water circulation with the pressure up to 1 bar.

The temperature measuring point is equipped at the process temperature measuring point in order to keep watch on the temperature. Further, the highest attention is paid off during the development of the bottom curvature that is the crucial part of the mixing container for the output of uniform free flowing dry blend. Besides that, the bottom curvature also helps remove moisture and to obtain the premium quality of compounding at the end of the heat mixing. The provided heater cooler mixer is extremely applauded in the market for delivering the superior results at the lowest power consumption, thanks to the main AC motor with variable frequency drives helping to save power for the longer operations.

MODEL 150 200 250 350 450 500 750
Vessel Size (IN MM) 600 650 710 750 780 880 1000
Batch Capacity (IN KG) 40-55 75-90 90-110 130-150 140-160 180-200 280-300
Motor in HP (R) 15/20 30 30/40 50/60 60/75 150 75
Motor in HP (S) 20/25 40 40/50 60/75 75/100

Cooler Mixer

The cooler mixer is the second most valuable part of the heater cooler mixer, wherein the shell is made of the high grade 304 – stainless steel material to impart notable strength in wear exposed area, covered with the accurately engineered stainless steel jacket for insulation, which is decisive when heating or cooling is required in pressure less operation.  Further, in order to augment the cooling area, the cooling cone is concentrically balanced within the mixer container with the highest precision towards dimensions. The jacket promotes the circulation of the cooling water and in order to transfer heat and cool the material by circulation of the water. The untiring performance in conjunction to the efficient cooling of the respective material has made this heater cooler mixer a trade settler in the pipe manufacturing industries.

MODEL 400 600 1000 1500 2000 3000
Vessel Size (IN MM) 1100 1250 1500 1700 1900 2100
Batch Capacity
80 to 90 160 200 300 400 600
Motor in HP (R) 5 7.5 10 15 25 30

Convincing Benefits of Heater Cooler Mixer:

  • The well balanced dimensions ensures smooth operation
  • Accurate peripheral speed of the mixing tool ensure uniform mixing
  • The impeller is designed with the highest attention
  • PLC control system for the effective controlling of the rotating parts
  • The use of top notch quality 304 – stainless steel material ensures long lasting
  • Exclusively designed bottom & discharge valve works flawlessly

Our Heater Cooler Mixer is engineered to highest quality. Grow your business with us by availing our range today at the best prices.